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We provide psychotherapy for adults specializing in pain management, PTSD, and other disorders. Mindhealth also provides accurate and effective treatment for injured workers. Treatment modalities include hypnosis, biofeedback, EMDR, exposure and response prevention, CBT and pain management skills training.

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Med-Legal Evaluations

Provider John Parke, Psy.D. provides AME and QME med-legal evaluations that strive for accuracy, readability, and ease of use. Consultation evaluations are also provided for physicians treating injured workers. Request an appointment by calling or by fax. 

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Pain Management Psychology

We provide quality, informed pain psychology treatment. Mindhealth is affiliated with the Northern California Association of Pain Psychology and Academy of Integrative Pain Management. We provide CBT, biofeedback, hypnosis and pain management skills training. We believe in an active, interventional approach aimed at increasing activity and restoring optimal levels of functioning. 


Pre-Surgical Evaluations

We provide pre-surgical psychological screening for spinal stimulators, spinal surgeries, bariatric surgeries, and other procedures that require pre-screening. We conduct a full interview and use standardized tests normed on surgical populations. The reports include a clear recommend or do not recommend statement as well as alerts and tips on ways to best approach the patient.


Consultation Evaluations

We offer consultation evaluations in service to physicians, attorneys, and claims adjusters. Consultations include a full diagnostic interview with standardized psychological testing. Assessment of exaggeration or embellishment is often included in the consultation assuring accurate reporting and documentation. 

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